Let’s take this outside.

It’s time for a new world of outdoor experiences with OOH Tommy.

OOH Tommy

Thinking Bigger

At OOH Tommy, we like to think bigger. In a space that continues to grow, brands are increasingly turning to out-of-home to deliver relatable, memorable campaign moments.

With offices in London, LA and Singapore, our global team works across unique markets to create a big impact and drive lasting conversation.


Our Services

We deliver high-quality production and fresh innovation to build unique, compelling experiences for audiences. Through our game-changing out-of-home work we step outside the boundaries of a once traditional space.

At OOH Tommy, there’s no limit to where we take our creative, regardless of the format:


A wide variety of print, non-motion out-of-home formats that provide an engaging experience for all who walk past.


We create best-in-class motion creative, paired with an unparalleled understanding of every placement possibility.


We pull the consumer in, making their action part of the experience and employing their senses to bring the digital out-of-home to life.


Taking digital out-of-home to the next level with reactive creative that adapts to your surroundings.

The Tommy Lab is our play place, where we get our hands dirty every day on our mission to transform the out-of-home space.

Our dedicated  team of strategists, creative technologists, designers and animators work collaboratively with clients to develop and test the latest innovation in tech. In this way we deliver elevated creative that truly connects with audiences.

Test. Play. Innovate. Create.


Endless opportunities

In a world of endless distractions, standing out in a crowd is no longer enough. Our creative encourages people to look up by giving them value and a reason to believe.

Here are some of the brands we work with:

DPAA + Mediapost’s Digital OOH Awards
2018 Members Choice Winner Platform Winner: Using Location Data Marketing Sector 2018 Winner : Entertainment