Netflix / Stranger Things S3

Proudly turning
Thailand uʍop-ǝpᴉsdn

Linear and Interactive / Thailand, India / July, 2019
What was the brief?

Position Stranger Things as an iconic franchise with broad appeal that anyone can enjoy, with the level of awareness of Marvel films and GDH movies.

The primary focus for this campaign is to grow Netflix’s user base in Thailand and create sufficient hunger for the title to drive sign-ups, Introduce both Netflix and Stranger Things to new members.

Drive talkability around Stranger Things as a masterpiece with broad appeal and Netflix as the brand that brings consistently high quality, fresh storytelling to the world.

How did we respond?

Tommy’s biggest Digital and Print OOH in APAC to date. Producing multiple bespoke creatives across 5 different cities within Thailand, showing the Mind Flayer taking over local monuments and famous landmarks.

Over 90 unique placements, transit takeovers that included tunnel wraps, platform digital screens and print placements in high traffic stations across Bangkok.

We worked directly with Netflix to plan a
pre-franchise strategy, prior to switching to Season 3 assets on launch day.