July 24, 2020



Today we announced our official creative partnership with TikTok. This new partnership contributes as part of the short-form video platform’s new Branded Effect Partner Program and has been developed as part of Tommy Labs – a part of our business focused on emerging technologies.

Through this partnership, our business is exposed to pre-release capabilities and integrations on the platform, enabling brands that seek to create sophisticated 2D and 3D effects, augmented reality and interactive experiences an opportunity to work with our best-in-class creatives and designers.

“Branded Effects give brands the opportunity to interact with Tiktok users in a way that’s engaging and fun,” said Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships, Global Business Solutions at TikTok. “We’re thrilled to partner with the most creative leaders in 2D and 3D development to bring this playful, immersive experience to our brand partners and the broader TikTok community.”

Through our pedigree in award-winning marketing campaigns with entertainment IP, plus specialism in innovation for global brands, this new coalition is designed to stretch creative boundaries of products such as TikTok’s new Branded Scan (AR Effect), allowing users to have an augmented reality experience with the brands that we are enlisted by TikTok to lead.

This partnership is close to completing a round of creative trials and we’re excited to share more of it in the future.