Amazon Prime Video / Chiara Ferragni: Unposted

Modern. Chic. Powerful. Cool.

Linear and Classic / Italy, Spain, New York City
What was the brief?

How do we leverage high-impact placements to reach new audiences for Amazon Prime Video in an emerging market, while engaging Chiara Ferragni’s considerable fan base?

How did we respond?

Using one of the world’s most prominent fashion influencers, Chiara Ferragni, we were tasked with increasing Amazon Prime Video’s brand awareness and fostering subscriber growth in Italy, a key on-the-rise market. Along with creating the trailer for Chiara Ferragni: Unposted, we developed high-profile print and digital OOH placements across Italy, Spain, and Time Square in the United States.

These marquee placements were accompanied by a suite of underground and bus shelter units, as well as print ads in top luxury fashion magazines.

While our creative brought Chiara’s partnership with Amazon Prime Video into the real world, it still made a huge impact online, with photos and video of Chiara interacting with the placements garnering tens of millions of impression on social media. Now that’s fashionable.