Amazon Prime Video / Hernán | Amazon Exclusive

A campaign for the
history books

Linear / Spain
What was the brief?

How do we market a show developed and produced in Mexico, that includes historically sensitive subject matter, to a Spanish audience with differing views?

How did we respond?

Leveraging high-impact placements across Spain, we put the characters of Amazon Prime Video’s Hernán at center stage, relying on our Spanish-language creative to showcase the series’ human side, forgoing any historical preconceptions Spanish audiences might have toward this controversial figure.

In key metro areas like Barcelona, Madrid, and Bilboa, the epic scale of Hernán was laid bare, with moody imagery and localised region-specific copy that told the story of one of history’s greatest epics.

These marquee DOOH placements were supplemented by large scale display and social media campaigns, targeting critical demographics for the Prime Video platform across Spain.